How do you download photos and videos from Instagram to users of Android and iOS

Has the application of the Instagram, the very popular among users of social networking sites over the past years, it is the first application helps users to upload and share photos and videos with their friends, and with the passage of time can ensure that develops from the same lot and added a number of tools and features to the New that attracted a larger number of users, until it became a social networking site first, based on the participation of the visual content of images and videos, but despite all that he lacks an important feature bothered a large number of users, a feature to save images and videos on devices, Therefore today we will review a number of different ways that you can to download photos and videos from Instagram to your phones smart.

  • Screen shot or ScreenShot to save images

Thought the ScreenShot of the easiest and fastest ways by which you can keep photos, which are in most of the Android phones by scrolling on the screen in one direction, or by pressing the ON button with the main menu button, but this way you won’t find with video clips, therefore we will deal with you ways to save the following videos.

  • A file manager in Android phones

Of the easiest ways to keep photos and videos in Instagram is to the file manager of your phone and then search for the file name ( and then to a file (Cache) then file videos, then you can change the paths of existing files to the format of MP4.

  • Tool Dredown

Dredown is a Web tool choose a download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social networking sites by converting them to MP4 format and save them on the phone.

Tool Dredown

  • Application Regrammer iOS users

As for users of devices Apple running the iOS we guide them to use the application Regrammer, an application which is fast and easy to use, all you have to do is copy the link to the article you want to download it and put it in the app and choose if you want to save it on the phone or re-published on your account in Instagram

Application Regrammer

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