How do you evaluate the distance using your mobile phone is a substitute for “metric”

كيف تقيس المسافات باستعمال هاتفك الجوال بديلا عن "المتر"

Away from the management of traditional measurement “meter” that we use whenever we wanted to measure the area or length of anything. You can replace it with something totally different and gives you a measurement with something of the precision and will help you in a lot of cases that don’t offer the traditional “metric”.

The app SizeUp as you have seen in some adverts for television while working through the mobile phone measure the length and width home wall wall. Yes, based on recent developments supported by the phone industry.

How do you evaluate the distance using your mobile phone alternative to “metric”

SizeUp is the management of digital measurement trying to tape the traditional “M” and allows users to measure the length, width and height of any surface or wall, all you have to do is to put the phone in the start point of the measurement and then press Start and begin moving the phone towards the end point and press Stop.

Will appear on the phone screen distance, which measured the application basis and, other than might not exceed 1 cm.

The premium app is probably the richest of his presence on any phone for the need when necessary. Is available on the platforms Android and iOS operating authority to use the 30 day “we will to provide for free”

Download the app :

SizeUp Android

SizeUp Evo

When you install the app and run it will give the plate numbers and adjust the accounts of the phone steps up to 6 times with panel extention begins to put the phone on the table actually horizontal to the app displays an alert for the success of this step, let’s look at the following which requests to put the phone and assigning it to the wall and then rotate it vertically as well as horizontally down to put it upside down on his face,

Violation of the above have application in the development side for measuring distances, the following video shows the stages of preparation in some detail.

How do you evaluate the distance using your mobile phone alternative to “metric”

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