How do you get the lens of Google Android and iPhone

Longer lens Google one of the best tools for image recognition since its launch Conference on I/O 2017, when it was included by applying the default camera phones pixel 2, but it launched as a standalone application and added some apps after that.

Drawing on artificial intelligence, lens Google to identify picture elements including texts, you can use: convert the image to text, add a contact scans the business card, open a site with the title, translate the text after you scan it, scan the cover of the book to fast information about, identify historic buildings and sites, using the camera, and as a student you can take advantage of copy-text, quick paste them to other applications.

How do you get the lens of Google Android

You’ll find that the lens of the Google part of the application of camera phones pixel 2, has told Google in May that the water will for certain devices, oneplus, LG, and Moto. those and Sony and Nokia Assos, these devices including phones pixels can its download application Google Lens independent store Google Play.

For the rest of the users of Android and they can use the water within the Google image or the assistant Google that comes pre-installed on Android devices and you can launch it often for prolonged the main button.

However, all Android users can download the Google Lens independent of a third party, via the most safe sources for files APK: Click here.

How do you get the lens Google iPhone

For users of the iPhone, it is not in front of them only the application of the photo Google to benefit from the water, where they would find the icon to use functions lens Google want on this icon, the camera is used with a tool to identify the elements of scene where you know the information about the scene after that or the option to visit the website or add a contact.

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