How do you get the robe Spiderman secret in PlayStation 4?

Did you finally get all the suits in the game Marvel Spiderman with a prize to finish the game 100%? Well, there seems to be a robe one last secret on behalf of the ESU, where they will not be able to get it before you finish the main story first, we will show you today how to get it.

How to reveal the robe of the ESU?


Requires get peignoir-speed finish is 50 important private photos scattered across Manhattan, and the difficulty of this in the non-appearance of these missions on the map, as they don’t sneak you have in case you complete one, you must rely on your memory and know which tasks have finished and which haven’t finish yet.


While the task of the sound speed on a large map, you’ll find it visible on the small map during the experiment in the city, but to see them, you’ll need to reach Level 50 first, where you will have to then go to Suit the Mods, then wait until it is open the tool which bears the name of Proximity Sensor or proximity sensor.

How do you find the task of image theft?


After obtaining the sensor of the proposal, it will appear the logo of a camera on the map the closer you get to one mission, where you find it waiting especially in the neighborhood of Harlem.


After you find the camera icon, click on the buttons D, then the L2 to prepare to take the picture, and in case you are in the right place, you’ll find that the aura surrounding the screen turn to green, then press R1 to capture, but beware of course, you won’t be told in case you’ve done the job before.


After completing all of the tasks in the sound speed five, you’ll get a message telling you the number of pictures remaining, to be opened robe ESU automatically in all tasks.

It is worth mentioning that this mediocrity will not provide you any additional powers, as to get this robe does not improve the rate of in the game, they are just a secret mission for those interested in it.

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