How do you know if they steal a password of your own?

In the internet world, there is always a war between the owners of the websites , applications, and inventors who seek to obtain users ‘ data. It is once in a while we hear news headlines stating that stealing users data without giving details of whether you are one or not.

With the development of this increased penetration of sites and apps to steal user data exploited by some companies this opportunity to provide the tools driven by the rules of huge data for accounts that have been hacked to give the user who was one of the victims What if the theft of its data, but is notified by a notification in the course. This is suggested for tools powerful tools are paid but we can change the Mozilla that بـFireFox Monitor.

What tool Firefox Monitor It?

Free service new of Mozilla is a the site carries the name of the Firefox Monitor which lets you simply write your email to see if it has been stolen the data of this account or not according to the rules of the existing data. Violates website whether it has been stolen your account via the blog is not famous or a large platform had been compromised.

In order not to say the company built the tool from scratch has teamed up with the website Have i been pwned already exists which offers the same service to the company begins the development of the advanced stage and not from the beginning. Care original provide a new tool from Firefox the possibility to alert you via account mail e-case has been leaking its data so you won’t need to enter the site more than once.

Additional advantages for the tool to know to steal your password

In addition to this tool the site also provides a number of tips are very important for those who want to protect their online accounts from being hacked easier. include these tips Mode feature two-factor authentication on your accounts and do not use the same password on more than one site because of it’s impenetrable to someone you know to steal all your accounts once, and certainly the use of strong passwords is extremely not easy to stop for anyone or program so to protect yourself from such risks.

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