How do you know if your Android phone is infected with a virus is?

If you sometimes feel concerned about the likelihood of your Android phone with a virus, let us explore with you today a simple guide to make sure of that.

What is a virus?

The longer viruses are simply programs designed to destroy the operating system of your phone with the ability to navigate within it, includes any application that is not secure on Android

You can encounter Android phones viruses?

Take viruses different forms, some of them its purpose is to increase the number of ads displayed on your phone, and the other from the quality of the ransom may be holding your data for an amount of money or increase of pop-ups

How do you know if your phone is infected with a virus is?

Hide virus presence is as good as it can be activated remotely, but there are several treatments to reveal to you about their existence, and these symptoms close the applications automatically and abruptly, rising internet consumption significantly and suddenly, and increased appearance of pop-up windows, increased mobile bill due to the multitude of advertising messages, having apps you don’t know, the low efficiency of the battery, increasing the temperature with the slowdown in performance.

How do you clear the virus?

If you buy it in the presence of a virus on your phone, would be the best way to get rid of them is by adjusting the source settings, including scans of all available data on your phone, preferably by your photos and files backed up before doing so to avoid the problem, you can also install one of the applications to fight the virus after the factory settings in order to increase the security of your phone such as the application of AVG to add to any application in which manually with Ensure in the future that any application you install on your phone safe by 100% by reading the opinions of users.

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