How do you know if your phone is Android a victim of mining operations

كيف تعرف لو أن هاتفك الأندرويد ضحية لعمليات التعدين
How do you know if your phone is Android victim for mining operations

In this article is simplified we explain how to know if your Android phone a victim of the mining operations , and how to deal with this situation successfully to prevent the use.

In the final period coincided frauds regarding mining digital currencies widely, we published to you by the sideburns should For additional from Google Chrome to prevent the exploitation of your device in the mining of digital currencies on the web , and have been quite successful in stopping such operations .

And because the topic is alluring and profitable, it has moved this business project from desktops to smart phones, specifically phones Android up to approximately 2.5 million smart phone markets around the world, according to the last number drawn from Google.

How do you know if your phone is Android victim for mining operations

  • Loss fast rate the power of the battery
  • The high temperature of the phone is unjustified
  • Slow phone in general

Three signs previous symptoms may be directly to make sure that your phone got a virus to currency encrypted, which often come from applications or the public, both from within the Google Play Store or outside of it .

From inside the store Google Play? Yeah, it was disclosed last month like to the game its name (Bug Swasher) were put on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded nearly 5 million times, it was used phone users in the mining of digital currencies with the utmost whole fuckin.

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Google for its part has announced multiple plans to examine all the apps on the store intensely and fully this type of games or applications .

The question remains : how can protect your smartphone device from the arrival of the mining operations to us , here’s a simple set of tips .

  • Make sure you update the Android system on your phone to the latest version available to you instantly
  • As far as possible don’t you download any application from outside the Google Play Store for Android
  • You can also during the examination of the use of the software catching viruses trusted to make sure the cleanliness of your phone.

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