How do you know the screen of an Android phone to your computer for Windows and Mac

There are many ways to view the screen of Android devices on the computer so this allows you to run applications and watch videos better, here we will give you the easiest ways:

1) Wired


1 – Download the application Vysor on Windows or Mac or Linux or Google Chrome (free).
2 – activate the option USB debugging.
3 – USB cable.

Activate the option USB debugging

1 – Go to Settings > About phone (on Android Oreo or bay: Settings > System > About phone).

2 – Scroll down and tap seven times on the version number (Build Number).

3 – go back to the page settings (or system in Android Oreo and B) then enter the developer options (Developer Options).

4 – drag down to the option USB debugging (USB debugging) and both.

Display the screen of your Android on the computer.

1. after activating USB debugging, connect the device to computer.

2 – open the application Vysor.

3 – then click on the Find button and Devices and then choose the Android device to the app after the presentation of the screen of your phone.

The app is free and displays the screen more smoothly than the rest of the applications, and you can subscribe to pay 10$ per year to buy the Pro version which allows higher-quality and wireless connectivity and share files, drag and drop.

2) no wired.

On Android 5 Lollipop or newer you can use this method to connect to wireless, but hampered by limited interaction with the content; meaning that the Android device is not responding to the keyboard, and therefore may be useful only in the width of the screen.

1 – Download the AllCast Receiver for Google Chrome (free).

2 – Download the Screen Recording and Mirror from Google Play (Free).

3. make sure that the computer and the phone using the same Wi-Fi network.

4 – open the two applications.

5 – in the application Screen Recording and Mirror on your phone select the network device that matches your computer, which will start @ Chrome then the IP address.

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