How do you know the specification of the computer Windows or Mac?

Found on the specifications of the case is not a complicated process, but its importance is great to know several things, such as the components that need to upgrade and absorb the capacity of the case and what can be running programs and applications, it can be rare to learn that the problem of the program occur because of some specifications.

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Without addressing the other topics, we’ll show you here is an easy way for the specification of the case, and start with windows which you can just looking for a system information write System Information into the search bar located list never.

A window will appear system information to ensure all the information about your computer system and every With respect to the user; in the tab System Summary You will find information about the name of your computer, operating system, processor and computer-capacity RAM.

In the tab components (Components) within the section of the screen (Display) you will find information on the graphics card and screen resolution, the storage section (Storage) will include information about the capacity of the phone’s internal type, and the user of it.

On the Mac, click on the icon of the Apple menu bar and select about the Mac (About This Mac) from the menu slider to show you a window with a summary of the main specifications for fit, and you can navigate between the tabs to the window to see the most important specification screen, storage devices, support and service.

If you want to know more detailed information about the specifications, the test report of the System (System report) in the tab overview (Overview) where the window will appear included in the list of side-tabs gear and the internet and software which contain all of the sections related to aspects of the case, you can choose any of them to view details about it.

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