How do you know to which country made iPhone your

Have you tried to know the country of Origin your phone an iPhone? Or to which country it belongs? Of course there is many users don’t know it, so we put between your hands simple guide to find out the origin of your phone and to what country belongs before it falls between your hands.

In the beginning, many believe that the organs of the iPhone, which sold in the Middle East are only made in China. What makes them so sure, is the words written on the back of the iPhone says: “Assembled in China” and “assembled in China”. Does this mean it was made in China? Of course not, a fair in China is not the meaning of its manufacturing. It may be made in the United States or in Russia or in any country of Europe but is assemble the pieces of the iPhone are all in China.

Let’s find out the country of origin is the country that made the iPhone basically for sale by Go to Settings Settings – General-General – about – then model Model.

What you should focus on is the war or the war before the slash if the model for example is ME040J /A the party who is before the Slash is the J and this symbolizes that the country made for the iPhone are Japan.

In the previous picture of my phone, model is MG5A2LL/A this symbolizes that the country of origin is the United States of America. It is possible that these symbols mean country grouping are countries like Brazil or any country in the Arab world does not make her iPhone, but it is possible that is trade by the ferry also code similar.

Here are some models that indicate the country of origin and are some of the examples of the last full visit this link:

A – Canada

AB – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt

B – UK and Ireland

BG – Bulgaria

BR – Brazil


BZ – Brazil

C – Canada

CH – China

CI – Paraguay

CM – Hungary, Croatia

CR – Croatia

CS – Slovakia, the Czech Republic

CN – Slovakia

CZ – Czech Republic

D, DM – Germany

DN – Austria, Germany, Netherlands

E – Mexico

EE – Estonia

EL – Estonia, Latvia

ER – Ireland

ET – Estonia

F – France

FB – France, Luxembourg

FD – Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

FS – Finland

GB – Greece

GH – Hungary

GP – Portugal

GR – Greece

HB – Israel

HC – Hungary, Bulgaria

IN – India

IP – Italy

J, JP – Japan

IP – Portugal, Italy

ID – Indonesia

K – Sweden

KH – South Korea, China

KN – Denmark and Norway

KS – Finland and Sweden

LA – Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico

LE – Argentina


LP – Poland

LT – Lithuania

LV – Latvia

LZ – Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay

MG – Hungary

MM – Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia

MY – Malaysia

ND – Netherlands

NF – Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal

PK – Poland, Finland

PL, PM – Poland

PO – Portugal

PP – Philippines

PY – Spain

QB – Russia

QN – Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway

QL – Spain, Italy, Portugal

RO – Romania

RP – Russia

RR – Russia, Moldova

RS, RU – Russia

RM – Russia, Kazakhstan

RK – Kazakhstan

SE – Serbia

SL – Slovakia

SO-South Africa

SU – Ukraine

T – Italy

TA – Taiwan

TH – Thailand

TU – Turkey

TY – Italy

VN – Vietnam

X – Australia, New Zealand

Y – Spain

ZP – Singapore

ZD – Luxembourg, Australia, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland

ZG – Denmark

ZO – United Kingdom

ZA – Hong Kong and Macau

ZQ – Jamaica

For a list of codes of states of here.

Also you can check the country of origin through the site iphonefrom.

Also you can find out if this iPhone SU and find it to be an iPhone locked to one network and can use the network of others. Or FU and his iPhone open to all networks and you can move between them as you want. This is illustrated by the lock icon on the site if it is closed or open. FYI, more about figure Time industry iPhone, or source code or code for the color and much more through the serial number you can follow the article “What does the serial number of the docking-iPhone?“

Each user must docking-iPhone or an iPad or be familiar with the necessary information you may need before going to buy the iPhone and see if it’s locked or open on the network until you are out of Service and damage.

An important clarification

We mean here by “country of origin” the country in which Apple has basically manufactures this machine in order to sell it. But in the end the iPhone around the world, one not only changes in China which have special devices, both because of the change of Wi-Fi -see this link– or to provide a dual slide real iPhone Xr/Xs.

Did you know that making the iPhone your own? Tell us to which country belongs in the comments.



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