How do you prevent ads in YouTube Android

Helps Android auto to access many applications such as music and navigation easily and safely inside your car, where it supports many applications that are compatible with these services, in addition to the ease of control with the assistant of Google, but if you want to take advantage of more of Android auto, you should change these three settings.

1) Install day mode or night

Says Android auto automatically switch between day and night depending on the settings of the car, but if you’d like to control it manually, you can do that by clicking on “about” within the application of Android auto from the menu upper-right corner, then click on “about Android auto” about 10 times, you’ll see a tab pop-up to activate developer settings, accept it, and then press the MENU button on the body of three points, and click on the developer settings, and then tab inside the setting to switch manually between the two patterns of daytime and nocturnal.

2) self-employment

If you don’t want to run the Android application Otto manual every time you use your car, open the settings app and tap on “all self”, and then the option to activate it with the option to sense the presence of the phone in the pocket, if you don’t want to run the app while the phone is in your pocket, and then choose Bluetooth your car down.

3) feedback automatic

In the case of receiving any message during the application of Android auto, you’ll find the option to send a reply automatically, can go to the settings to change message for any text you want.

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