How do you prevent the temperature of the laptop from the height?

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Portable computers (laptop) have become more powerful and smaller than ever, in order to get an increase in processor performance has been to use chips that are more dense than the transistors the more you become the laptop thinner and smaller, the have processors more card graphics the strongest supports bigger screens with a higher resolution, but all those developments was not a high price and is the temperature excess which is considered the biggest threat to your.

If we except a cup of coffee, which always falls on the keyboard of your device and cause overheating and heat associated with the occurrence of permanent damage to internal organs and reduce the speed and performance of your laptop while you do different tasks.

The reasons for the high temperature

Working laptops (laptop) to generate heat during normal operation and, for that reason come designed with a range of internal and expel hot air absorb cold air, and the possible reasons for heat blockage the box pull the dust or the exhaust ports, maybe a fan stopped or is no longer working as before and not to forget also the metal heat which is available between the processor and sink may be damaged or dried up and is no longer valid and there lies the problem because his task is the cooling of the processor cores evenly and the failure to work means the high temperature of the processor cores.

How do you keep increasing the heat with your laptop

Can be a number of small fixes to address the excess heat’re on the go laptop as follows:

1 – fan internal cooling

The first and most important thing you should do when you find a rise in the temperature of the laptop is your clean the fan or fans own’re on the Go which is doing the cooling for the rest of the internal parts of the processor and graphics card, etc, then the passage of time without cleaning accumulate layers of dust and dust that slow down the work of those fans and from air flow.
Before you make any attempt to clean, follow the following instructions:

  • Turn off the computer
  • Disconnect the battery from the laptop
  • Cut the electricity to the device

After that, clean the fan carefully with a piece of cotton dipped in some alcohol before re-connecting the laptop powered make sure the dryness of the alcohol completely, Also you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the exhaust port (where you go out of hot air) to remove dust, dirt and disease-related tourism.

Finally, you can put some of the metal heat between the processor and heat sink but before that, get rid of the old putty by wiping it gently using a cotton swab or cloth.

2 – put the laptop on a hard surface and level

Most laptops suck the air cooling through the lower contact of the Earth, and uneven surfaces such as a blanket or pillow or even your knees from blocking the flow of air in your laptop. this works after a period of weakening of the cooling and then increasing the heat the roof becomes hot and eventually overheat the machine.

You can avoid this scenario by putting your laptop on a stable surface and solid, you can use a table or a special holder for in order to prevent the increasing temperature of the device.

3 – buy a cooler laptop

Coolers laptop designed to provide additional cooling of the device, but the use of the radiator the wrong may exacerbate the heat problem on your device, you must first know that most laptops suck the air for cooling from the bottom, which makes sense, because hot air rises up,

So make sure you get the chiller can be put on the laptop so that the pumped air up and so will be your tool to absorb heat and increase the cooling process.

4 . recognition programs help

There are a number of software designed to control and monitor the temperature of each piece with your laptop. such as Speccy and Real Temp and HWMonitor other possible tools which monitor the temperature of all parts of the laptop and the speed of rotation of the propeller and thus be alerted in the case of high temperature, and then you can rest the device or get rid of some programs that use resources of the system or any piece of laptop overheated hernia will take the necessary steps to fix it.

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How do you prevent the temperature of the laptop from the height?

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