How do you rename multiple files at once on a Mac computer?

In older versions of the operating system (Mac Awas) the MacOS , was on users who are looking for a way to rename multiple files at once, use the (command prompt) command line, or install the application of an external dedicated to this task, however, since the version of the operating system ( OS X Yosemite) Apple has integrated several file-renaming capabilities directly via the Finder app.

How do you rename multiple files at once on a Mac computer?

The Finder application is the first thing that appears to you once you finish installing the Mac OS, as this application opens automatically and remains open while you are using other applications, and offers you multiple options to search for files, organize them, in addition to the ability to easily name multiple files at once.

to do this. Follow next steps:

  • Open a Finder window and locate the files you want to rename.
  • Select the files with the mouse, or hold down the Shift key, and click on them one by one.
  • Click on the Action option in the toolbar at the top, or you can right-click on the selected files to open the menu.
  • Click on the option (rename) Rename in the menu that appears.
  • In the (Rename Finder Items) box, choose (Format).
  • Enter a common name for your files in the text box next to (Custom Format).
  • Enter the starting number for the file series in the Start numbers box. Remember that if you have selected a number format, you can use the (Where) option in the drop-down menu to choose whether the serial numbers appear before or after the common name of your files.
  • Once done, press the option (Rename) Rename.

The selected files will now be renamed with the one you chose, and if you are not satisfied with the label, you can press the Command and Z button on the keyboard to return the files to their original names.

How to find and replace specific text in file names:

The Finder app also allows you to rename only certain files whose names contain certain text, and this is especially convenient if you have tens or hundreds of files in a folder with different names, and you only want to change the names of specific files that contain a certain word.

To do that; You only have to select the files in the relevant folder, then access the (Rename Finder Items) section in the previous steps in the same way, but this time select the (Replace Text) option instead of (Format) in the drop-down list.

Then type the name of the text that you want to replace in the search field, enter the new text in the field (Replace With), then press the option (Rename) Rename.

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