How do you say the state of “Utah,” American Legislative revolution will make taxi flying a reality soon!

كيف تقود ولاية "يوتا" الأمريكية ثورة تشريعية ستجعل التاكسي الطائر حقيقة واقعة قريباً!

Always cause new techniques in troubles many makers of laws and legislation around the world. Decades-long experience, new technologies, the beginning of cell phones, navigation systems using satellite – GPS – and even cameras and mobile phones, campaign to get rid of by society and governments alike. Although the beginning is always going to be far from saturation, underdevelopment, and then connect to the legislation which prevent the use of such techniques, but that technique was eventually, after several years, always spread and turn from a source of fear and clinging to the tool used by the public on a daily basis in every place and imagine abandoned at all.

Suffer from drone Drones, vehicles and aircraft that is controlled remotely from the same day. In a time when drones are now legal troubles are numerous in many countries around the world, but vehicles plane looks on its way sooner or later to become a reality in our daily lives.

Work Utah America now on a series of legislation and executive acts and that probably will soon become a model to be adopted around the world at a later time to implement and facilitate the spread of drone vehicles and aircraft entry officially to work as a means of transportation we use on a daily basis.

States is located in the American West one of the few places around the world that added a special section of vehicles, aircraft to Department of regulation of transport mandate, and the appointment of competent official to administer this section which works since the period of the adoption of regulatory legislation may be the first of its kind in the world allows for the development of the flight vehicle aircraft personal in an official capacity and easy.

Proposed new legislation, which carries the name of Urban Air Mobility or model of air traffic over urban areas, the cleaning system integrated to enter into large-scale development by the year 2023 to fixed rules for the movement of vehicles aircraft, flying taxi, air transport, which is controlled by a remote control.

Depends navigation system new determine the elevation of a particular determine the different types of vehicles and aircraft so that allows hobbyists using drones on the height selector is closest to the surface of the Earth, it follows that the scale height for vehicles of air transport that is controlled remotely like a drone operating company Amazon developed to transport cargo from one place to another, and the scope of the more higher Can vehicles passenger plane or what is called a taxi the bird investigation, and all those highs in the lower level of the height of the flight of the aircraft.

Some may think that it is still just a draft and far from reality in light of the fact that many of those of the same techniques such as the flying taxi vehicles cargo plane’s still just technically optional, but the lessons of the past assure us that what today seems just the perceptions of the non-logical for the future soon becomes a reality we see in the day hundreds of times, and sure enough that those cities that you change always to the fore in the independence of those techniques.

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