How do you work on stop or off the phone screen without touching it?


Gravity Screen app is excellent in this area and allows you to ease the burden of repeated on the button or the MENU button whenever you want Wake Up phone in slumber and hibernation and the screen or lock it without touching any of those buttons.

The app Gravity Screen On/Off Free you can download it from the App Store and the link in the name and you only activate it Activate it once.

To download the app Gravity Screen
Gravity Screen

We have here the experience of the work app puts the phone aside and wait to while that works according to the preparation of its default on the lock screen, I work here to hold the phone and you will notice that the screen has returned to work and heat automatically without having to click on any of azare operating.
Here, the tops of a couple of the phone in your pocket will lock the screen immediately without the need for you to lock them manually as I think in the past, part of your pocket will be to strike an immediate and fast.

Works app Gravity Screen on all phones available in the market which supports the accounts of the movement and damage that depends on the application in his work fully,the app also features lightness in the work list of battery power what to mention or pay attention to him.

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