How do you zoom twice the usual camera iPhone

The beginning of iOS 10 and there is a tool built inside the Accessibility settings called “zoom”, using a camera for iPhone the tool works as a magnifying glass; and directing the camera to the little things in fact and it can be seen the user may sometimes difficult to see or photograph.

Activate and use the zoom feature

To activate the zoom option which doubles the zoom to the camera, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom (Magnifier).

Use the magnifier by clicking three times on the button home or three times down the right-photos in iPhone X and models later.

Do you do the camera will latch the tape to enlarge the image much larger than usual, as you can use the flash filters, modifying the lighting and contrast (the lock) to improve the quality of the image.

Not to take a picture, you’ll see the resulting image in full screen, you can click on them to bring control options in the rounding again, which can be rounding within the image. The yellow button which notice is to indicate the presence of your clearly show, not photography.

The pictures in the zoom mode will not be saved in the Photos app, but you can capture the image of the company to celebrate it.

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