How does “smart” charging iOS 13

iOS 13 can rightly be called one of the most interesting releases in recent time, users finally have at their disposal the dark interface mode, a full download Manager to Safari , and even the Swype keyboard. But there are other equally important innovations. One such innovation is the new smart way to charge your iPhone.

A new mode in iOS 13

Apple developers have added in OS function, which is called “Optimized charging”. To find and activate this option, go to “Settings” — “battery Status”. But how exactly does this function?

New charging method, primarily intended to increase the service life of the internal battery of the iPhone. The life cycle of a battery is affected by many factors. To maintain the maximum capacity, Apple is using a traditional and conventional charging circuit 80/20 on all your devices.

Li‑ion battery Apple is rapidly charged up to 80% with fast charging mode, and then switches to a slower mode pre-charge small current. The time required to charge the battery to 80%, depending on the type of device and its settings. If the battery temperature exceeds the recommended values, the maximum charge level can be programmatically restricted to 80%. Through this combined process, your device will be again ready for operation without further delay.

0-80% — charging at high amperage. 80-100% — charging a slow “drip” method.

IOS 13, this mechanism underwent improvements. The operating system is capable of analyzing when the person usually charges a smartphone. Using the algorithm, the OS intelligently adjusts the charging speed on the basis of the daily habits of the user.

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Traditional charging method

We give a simple example: the user puts the smartphone on charge over night, for example, at 23:00. At 3:00 smartphone is fully charged (using the traditional 80/20). For the rest of the night there is a feed to maintain 100% charge.

All is good, if not one big but: lithium-ion batteries degrade faster when constantly working at maximum charge.

For this reason, Apple advises you to charge iPhone, only 50% if the smartphone won’t be used for a long time.

“Optimized charging” in iOS 13

IOS 13, this same scenario is different: the user puts the iPhone on charge over night at 23:00. Smartphone fast charging to 80% and remaining 20% will gradually get to the point where the user typically disables the iPhone from the network (for example 7:00). These measures will allow to reduce to a minimum the degradation of the battery.

Over time, the operating system will automatically adjust to the user’s habits and will be able to calculate the exact time of completion of charging. The screen will display a notification.

To test the new charging mode can all comers — subject to the availability of iPhone with iOS 13 on Board. But keep in mind that the effect will be noticeable only after a few full cycles of charge-discharge.

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