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One of the best new features in the operating system watchOS 6 is the application of Noise, which is designed to alert you using the Apple Watch when you’re in an environment out loud can damage your hearing.

In the application of the Watch on the operating system iOS, you will see the option Noise “noise” of the new in the list of apps watchOS developer of the Apple TV. In this menu, you can put an end to the noise as you like through the options in the list based on data from the World Health Organization.

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For example, if you choose 80 dB, you’ll receive a notice when the sound level exceeds this limit. By default, the application will present the Noise will notify you when the sound level exceeds 90 dB. At this level, the World Health Organization, the volume may hurt your hearing after 30 minutes exposure per day.

80 dB, limit: about 5 hours/day
85 dB, limit: about 2 hours/day
90 dB, limit: about 30 minutes/Day
95 dB, limit: about 10 minutes/Day
100 dB, limit: about 3 minutes/Day

تطبيق Noise في نظام watchOS 6

At these levels of ambient noise, leaving you the Apple Watch notice is to inform you that you are in a noisy environment may affect your hearing.

Alternatively, you can use the application of the Noise on the Apple Watch to check the levels of your environment at any time. In the application of the Noise, you can see the graph updated immediately know the noise level in the environment. Below the graph, you’ll see an clarification of the levels of the sound, either to inform you that long-term exposure will not hurt your hearing, or that you should think about using tools to protect the fish.

The application supports Noise also symbols clock face. Here, you can see the live updates about the noise level in your environment. Will icons indicate that the noise level is fine or too high.

The application of Noise in watchOS 6 is an extension of the stylish to a great extent the capabilities of tracking health. In situations such as concerts and other environments bustling, can develop Noise and provide notifications useful to those who may be under the influence of music and loud noise for a long time.

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