How does the performance of a modern iPhone? Says the expert

Modern smartphones have great performance. Several decades ago this computing power would have seemed unthinkable even to the gigantic supercomputers and spacecraft. How much has moved the technology forward? Says Graham Kendall, a Professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Nottingham.

50 years ago man first landed on the moon.

NASA manned flight was a triumph for the United States and the American space program. To implement the idea was a success thanks to the spaceship “Apollo-11” with a fairly powerful (at the time) onboard computer AGC.

Onboard the spacecraft “Apollo-11” was responsible for the calculation, controlling movement and navigation, as well as ran the command and lunar modules during the flight. As far as this computer is inferior to the current iPhone according to its computational capabilities?

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The answer to this question ready to give to a computer science Professor Graham Kendall. According to him, the latest models of smartphones in the tens of millions of times faster than the AGC. For visual comparison, the Professor led features an onboard computer “Apollo 11” and specifications iPhone XS.

AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer)

Processor c clock frequency of 0,043 MHz. Processing power — 40 thousand operations per second;

4 KB of RAM and 72 KB of ROM;

Cost — $ 3.5 million.

iPhone XS

The processor Apple A12 Bionic with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. Processing power up to 5 trillion operations per second;

4 GB of RAM, 64/256/512 GB ROM;

Cost: from $ 999.

Kendall estimated that one iPhone is able to calculate 120 million for lunar programs at the same time.

This a very good example of how far stepped technology.

Landing on the moon — it is truly a Grand achievement of the 20th century. People were severely limited computational capabilities, however, this did not prevent them to make a manned flight for hundreds of thousands of kilometers from Earth, — concluded the Professor.

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