How does the performance Vega graphics Radeon Pro to new MacBook Pro?

In late October, Apple announced a MacBook Pro with improved graphics accelerators Radeon Pro Vega. To Russia of new items not yet arrived, however, the updated notebooks can be easily obtained in the United States and some other countries. With the first buyers appeared and the first performance tests. As far as updated graphics faster than their predecessors? Let’s find out.

Earlier in the MacBook Pro lineup the most efficient solution was considered to be graphics Radeon Pro 560X. She was equipped with the top-end version of the MacBook Pro 15 (2018). Apparently, the performance of this graphics accelerator has proved to be insufficient for the solution of demanding tasks and in the alternative, Apple has released new versions of the MacBook Pro, this time with a fast Radeon Pro Vega 16 and 20.

Apple claims that the graphics subsystem of the new adapters was much faster than that in Radeon Pro 560X. Both the updated graphics card built on 14-nanometer process and received a memory of 4 GB with improved bandwidth (HBM2). Radeon Pro Vega 16 is equipped with 1024 stream processors, then in the older version of Radeon Pro Vega 20 of them significantly more than 1280.

Test the graphic component was carried out using a known performance test GeekBench 4. The test was conducted at a top-end MacBook Pro with the following specs: Intel Core i9-8950HK, 32 GB of RAM and Radeon graphics Pro Vega 20. The results were as follows:

Test OpenGL — 80002 points.

Test Metal — 73953 points.

For comparison, the results of Radeon Pro 560X.

As the table shows, Radeon Pro 20 Vega was faster than its predecessor by 25-30%, and this, no doubt, great result. The increase is noticeable in almost all tasks. At the moment, for accelerator Pro Vega 16 consumers will have to pay about 250 dollars, and for an older model 350. Thus, the minimum price for the MacBook Pro with Vega graphics will be impressive 3150 dollars.

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