How download iPhone, XS?

Claimed Apple conference iPhone last devices iPhone XS new stretch your glass is stronger than all the existing smartphones and his hard, now is the time to test after the phone days start tests check to make sure the promises of the company. May is time for government to test and carry the phone, but won’t spoil you the fun of watching the results and saw myself ?.

ما مدى تحمل الآي-فون XS؟

Drop tests

This article chooses the most common situation is the fall of the iPhone from at different altitudes, which greatly restricts what may happen in our real lives.

Drowning also

Here Test the capabilities of the iPhone, the new in the race where he says the beginning by immersing it for half an hour in fresh water then moves to a higher level, namely skiing and diving in salt water.

The ability to withstand scratching

Maybe it should be the title of the video is “the ability to withstand torture.” As the owner of the video does what is a little more than a scratch.

Finally, pressure with a hammer

If you like the hit iPhone Your with a knife and then smash it with a hammer, this is the video for you.

What do you think about the results of the tests carry the iPhone XS, especially the Choosing of the fall?

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