How Download torrent iPhone iPad for free and safely

Users may suffer iPhone, iPad, difficulty Download torrent files because of Apple’s strict against the use of this service, which usually contain download pirated material, but that doesn’t mean stop the service completely abandoning the benefits of large file sharing easy between users, we will continue with you today how to Download torrent files on both the iPhone and iPad for free and safely.

1) application Documents

We should download the application Documents free of here, where it will help us to manage the files in our system is excellent, Add to download any apps you need to watch or to browse the content that will be downloaded like apps video playing apps, reading books.

2) steps to download any torrent file

  1. Open the browser and visit the site the torrent you wish to download it.
  2. Download the torrent file by clicking on download or Download, or copy the download link
  3. Head to the following location via the Click here and paste the link that you copied in the blank field and then press on Download and wait the download finishes.02-torrent-ios-mte-copy-paste-magnet
  4. Click on the torrent file after the download finishes open it, you will be then redirected the browser back where you will find the page ad then wait 5 seconds and skip from the top.
  5. The browser will then open the page to start downloading the content of torrent file on your device and later display the content directly in case it wasn’t compressed.03a-torrent-ios-mte-downloading-torrent-file
  6. If the content file downloaded ZIP, copy the link to the download page from the browser and directed to the application Documents.
  7. From within the app click on Options and then open the browser application and then put the link that you copy it and press on the go.
  8. You will be shown a browser application Documents message with the path to save the content of a torrent file, so remember this path and press OK and wait for it to complete the download without closing the app or exit to cancel the download.
  9. Finally, go to help download and unzip decompress the file then open the file that was unzipped in order to enjoy the content.

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