How easy it is to flip the video on iOS

Consistency and simplicity iOS many is a credit to Steve jobs. When Apple was working on its creation, one of the main conditions of the then CEO was the ability to reach any element of the OS in three steps. But with the expansion of its functionality to follow this postulate was becoming more difficult, and ultimately some of the menu items had to hide much deeper. But thanks to the “Quick commands” covenants of Steve jobs still has a chance at revival.

This is another article in a series of instructions to automate popular processes. Despite the fact that some of them are rarer than others, we recommend you to retain the material in the tabs just in case. In the end, you never know when you might need to flip the video, originally recorded in the wrong orientation.

How to change the orientation of video

  • To get started, install the app “Quick commands” from Apple if not done so previously;
  • Download it to the device EZGIF Video Tools;
  • Go to the Photos app and find a video that you want to turn;
  • Click on “Share” and select “Quick commands” — EZGIF Video Tools;
  • Select “Rotate video” and one of the options (90, 180, or 270 degrees);
  • Confirm the action and wait for the process and choose the location to save the inverted video.

In addition to the ability to flip the video, the team EZGIF Video Tools can speed up and slow down the playback to mirror the video and run it in reverse order. The main condition of the team, the size of all the videos that are processed must not exceed 100 MB. Otherwise, the command will fail and the changes will not take effect.

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