How easy it is to remove an Apple ID account

Yesterday, the company Apple unveiled a new websitethat reveals the users of proprietary technology, what information about them is owned by the company. In addition to basic functions, the resource allows you to burn all bridges by deleting the Apple ID account in just a few clicks.

Apple offers that for some reason want to say goodbye to your account Apple ID, two ways. The first and the hardest involves the complete removal of the account and all data about you, which is available to Apple, without the possibility of recovery.

  • To do this, go to on the main page select “Remove account”.

  • Select the reason for removal and click “Continue”.

  • Important: if the account your account has unused funds, it will not be removed until their use or withdrawal.

  • Accept the user agreement and select a communication method that will notify you about the successful deletion.

  • Write down your short period, which you can use for account recovery. Entering it for the first time, you confirm your intention to delete your account.

  • Make sure again, what you lose by removing the Apple ID, and click the red delete button. The whole process can take up to seven days. At this time your account will remain active.
  • Remember to sign out of a deleted account on all your devices!

The second option allows you to deactivate the account, for example, in case of long absence in the country of its registration. At the moment this function is not available in Russia, but is unlikely to be more complex to use than the full removal of the account Apple ID.

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