How easy it is to run Linux on Android smartphone without root-rights

Developers Studio UserLAnd Technologies released in the Google Play application which allows to run on smartphones running Android Linux distribution. A distinctive feature of the design is its ability to run on devices without root-rights, greatly expanding its potential audience. Thanks UserLAnd, users will be able to run command line utilities, as well as a number of advanced programs for developing, editing tools and other desktop tools.

By and large Linux makes a perfectly ordinary Android smartphone into a fully functional workstation. Therefore, the user can optionally connect the device with a UserLAnd application to the computer and start working with desktop tools. The advantage of this method before launching Linux from flash is not needed to transfer the data and also restart the machine for the change of distribution came into force and allowed to carry out the workflow.

How to get started with the UserLAnd

To start working with UserLAnd on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to install the app, fill in the required information and then choose the desired distro (Ubuntu or Debian) and confirm the action. The application, if necessary, will automatically download additional components and will hold the configuration file system. Do not worry if the process will be delayed. According to the developers, it can take up to several minutes. In subsequent runs, however, everything will happen much faster.

Important: if you have no idea exactly what you may need to run a Linux distribution, we strongly do not recommend this at all. Despite the fact that UserLAnd allows you to work with Debian, Ubuntu and other tools without getting root-rights, it is for advanced users who understand how to work with him.

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Application: UserLAnd

Developer: UserLAnd Technologies, LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 124 human

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