How exactly Bitcoin will soar to 500 thousand dollars? Forecast Blockstream CEO

On Tuesday morning, Bitcoin has updated its annual low amid the hype about the possibility of a quick surrender. The BTCC co-founder and brother of the Creator of Litecoin, Bobby Lee made some stuffing information via Twitter. Probably Recalling the prophecy Bitcoin status digital equivalent of gold and de facto adoption as a means of savings for the entire mankind, Li said that currently the capitalization of BTC is only one-hundredth part of the gold.

But even with a relatively small value, the “protector” of Bitcoin has underlined its unique nature. Bitcoin is limited in supply, but at the same time is unlimited and centroptilum a means of savings. The impression that Lee still is a probability of outperformance of gold Bitcoin. Presumably reflecting on the theme of “flippering” ETH/XRP and BTC/XRP, he wondered about the ratio of Bitcoins to gold in 10-20 years. And whether BTC in the long run to cost more?

Writes Ethereumworldnews, in response to a tweet Whether expressed CEO of Blockstream’s Adam Back, who is also self-proclaimed “shirobana” and Creator of HashCash.

Blockstream CEO notes that BTC may “in coming years” jump forecast Tim Draper [250 thousand by 2022] and even reach 500 thousand. However, this will happen only if BTC will pass gold at the market capitalization.

And although the BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee retweeted a message to Beck in support, he noted that the path to the top will be very thorny. In addition, while he doesn’t see the end of the bear market for Bitcoin. In a reminder of its previous forecasts and Analytics team BitMEX Research in conjunction with the CEO Arthur Hayes, a Board member of the Bitcoin Foundation explained that the bears control the market until the following halving Bitcoin. More data look at cryptodata.

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