How fast is 5G’s? The numbers are staggering!

Help the world now enter a new era of technology and super speed with the advent of 5G , which began making its way around the world. 5G is now available in several cities and places around the world are expected to be widespread throughout the months and next few years bringing with them connection speeds Super was once a fantasy!

كم تبلغ سرعة شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G؟ أرقام مذهلة!How fast is 5G’s? The numbers are staggering!

Maybe you’ve heard of a lot of information about 5G, almost all fall in the scope of modern theory, but what if we have tested on the ground? That’s what the team did for the site MacRumors, which has tested the speed of the networks of the fifth generation in the city of Chicago with the support of the telecommunications company of America Verizon.

Been using the phone my LG V50 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G note that phones the iPhone does not support networks of the fifth generation so far.

How fast is 5G’s?

In the test got the download speed to 2 GB/sec in some places within the city of Chicago, and the new speed sometimes be wobbling up and down has less to 1 GB/s or less according to the factors of religion, such as change of place, air temperature, presence of obstacles Kalpana. processes and outputs. Though speed is super compared to the networks of the fourth generation.

كم تبلغ سرعة شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G؟ أرقام مذهلة!

Practically you can download the episode of your favourite series via Netflix or even the entire season in a few seconds. Game PUBG also, for example, the adult size by 2 GB you downloaded in a matter of only 10 seconds from the Google Play Store!

تحميل لعبة PUBG عبر شبكات الجيل الخامس لن يستغرق سوى 10 ثوانٍDownload game PUBG across the networks of the fifth generation will only take 10 seconds

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** Source: MacRumors

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