How fast is your mobile Internet?

Already in 2020 5G network will start its spread. In 2019, smartphone makers are preparing to introduce devices that support 5G, and the first devices will be shown at MWC 2019. Already Xiaomi introduced Mi 3 Mix 5G at a new Snapdragon chipset 855, but the sale has not yet started, and before that, Motorola showed Moto Z3 5G-module, supplied as Moto Mods, but if you go to the page module, enjoy it while you can not, and it will work only with Verizon.

In any case, even 4G connection is enough for comfortable work. For example, in my case, the mobile Internet speed is 30 Mbps. We are a step away from the Internet of the new generation, so to capture the actual speed of the current time just need. To test the speed of your connection, you can use the app SpeedTest. Please participate in the poll below:

That will give us 5G?

With the advent of 5G we will be able to view movies in 4K quality without any problems, in addition, it will allow software developers to implement interesting ideas. There can be a new type of software that 4G was not possible. For example, you can play the game without installation, that is, the game will be able to use only the necessary parts of the map as you progress that will allow you to save memory of your smartphone.

Increasing impact on the phone market will provide the cloud. All services will move it to the cloud, it will make them cross-platform. All apps can be stored in the cloud user, and, if necessary, they will load the components in the phone memory (something like that previously offered us the guys from Nextbit). Streaming gaming services will become more relevant. 5G will push also the development of smart cities and homes.

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