How good fast charging of the Samsung compared to competitors

According to the report presented on the website of Samsung, the flagships of the upcoming series of Galaxy Note 10 will acquire a new technology, Superfast Charge. To date, fast charging of the Samsung lags behind competitors because they are based on old technology Qualcomm Quick Charge. However, new rumors suggest that the Superfast power Charge for Galaxy Note 10 will be 45 watts, which is really a lot.

Galaxy S10 5G, which is currently the fastest smartphone Samsung, if to speak about speed of charging, supports 25 watts. Previous Samsung flagships, including the standard line of Galaxy S10, support charging power of only 15 watts. It is clear that the transition to 45 watts is a huge change that should lead to much faster charging time for Note 10. The question is, will it be as fast as the competition?

Samsung Superfast Charge against competitors

Firstly, it is necessary to repeat how much power Superfast Charge offers compared to the previous flagship Samsung implementations. 3 times more than the Adaptive Fast Charge, and 6 times more than the standard USB port. Even in comparison with the capabilities of a powerful charging 25 watt, supported some of the latest Samsung phones, Superfast Charge gives 80% more energy.

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Powerful charging Samsung 45 watts safely bypasses the Quick Charge and USB Power Delivery, preferred by producers who do not own decisions and TurboPower Motorola and OnePlus WarpCharge 30 watts. Still not just like that Samsung named this technology “Superfast Charge”.

If the rumors are confirmed, Samsung with its new technology will sit on the throne next to SuperCharge 2.0 40 watts from Huawei and brutal charge, Super 50 W VOOC from Oppo. Of course, this does not mean that Galaxy Note 10 is sure to become one of the most bystrozamorozhennyh smartphones. It all depends on battery size and how long you will use maximum charging power.

Bystrogasjashchajasja smartphones on the market at the moment combine a reasonable battery size of less than 4000 mAh and, in fact, the technology of fast charging. In addition, the 50-watt Super VOOC from Oppo, as it turned out, it charges slower than the 40-watt SuperCharge 2.0 from Huawei. In this case there is much more nuanced than just a power charger.

How long does it take to charge Galaxy Note 10

As for charging times Note 10, it is impossible to say without testing the unit yourself. However, if you look at the competing technologies and the equivalent battery sizes, you can get a General idea of what will be able to Samsung Superfast Charge.

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According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh, which is slightly larger than the battery in Huawei P30 Pro with a capacity of 4200 mAh. Thus, the size of the battery of the first 7% more, but the power charging more than 12%. Theoretically, Galaxy Note 10 will charge as fast or even faster than the P30 Pro, which augments its volume in 56 minutes. From zero to hundreds in an hour or less is a good indicator for the charger is 45 watts.

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