How GPS works the GPS on your phone?

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System is the positioning of the coolest features of the existing smartphones of the modern where they help you in positioning it also gives you the ability to know where you are, and where you want to go, how to get places.

This is all done in the same way on all smartphones regardless of operating system, where several components together to improve your site (often with an accuracy of up to 5 meters) and the system can choose the best way to achieve that. If you need to have very precise information about the location of shopping, are often call the GPS to do the job.

What is GPS GPSis?

Is GPS abbreviation for Global Positioning System, i.e., Global Positioning System, a technology owned by the U.S. government and the country’s Air Force. This service comes free to everyone, it is a navigation system, wireless uses radio waves between the satellite and the receiver inside your phone to provide information about the location and time of any system. You don’t have to send any actual data to the space in order to function GPS, so you only need to be able to receive data from four or more of the 28 satellites in orbit dedicated to the use of the geographical location.

It uses the GPS receiver of your phone data from these signals to triangulate your place and time, and requires the number of four satellites to work in GPS, where is used to indicate the fourth to improve height in order to be able to get a statement of your geographic location on the map with the three signals only.

Used receivers your GPS GPS a lot of energy as they are supposed to avoid obstacles such as tall buildings to get a clear signal, that is the reason behind the development of the technology AGPS.

What is the AGPSon?


The longer the word AGPS short for Assisted Global Positioning System, any assistant Global Positioning System, which adds information about the cellular phone to the GPS signal to help determine geographic location and to avoid the problem of slow GPS where he is working permanently to avoid losing the signal.

Is the use of the signals exchanged between the phone towers and mobile networks to determine location more accurately, but this accuracy depends on the signal strength of the towers, where it says apps to your phone to provide the network information for the GPS receiver to the phone, which, after a switch between GPS signals and cellular network to determine your position more accurately (in the range of 50 meters) to modify your site according to different signals.

Although the technology AGPS is free also, but they require the use of Internet Service of your phone instead of Wi-Fi to work. However, GPS technology in precision in the case of the presence of the phone in places wide is surrounded by a halo of long it can live satellite signals, so usually phones using the technique of AGPS during our presence inside the cities when we are surrounded by many tall buildings.

Which one is better?


Usually the technique of AGPS are the best option in most cases, where they help GPS effectively during the war without having to consume a lot of energy, although the accuracy of AGPS is less than the GPS accuracy a bit, but it’s good enough for all use cases, as minor adjustments when GPS signal reception inside the AGPS help to increase the accuracy of positioning.

But since that AGPS needs a cellular connection, it show most of the time, it is necessary to use GPS signals only, so I prefer to do all the positioning options on your phone to do is to select the most fit based on the signal strength.


This topic How does GPS work the GPS on your phone? Appeared on Engadget.

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