How hacked hackers data of American citizens?

Confirmed the interest of the US Customs and Border Protection that hackers stole the photos of travelers from one of the carriers that deal with the government, including images of persons entering the country or leaving in addition to the copies of the license plates of their own.

How hackers obtained the data?

الهاكرز يحصلون على بيانات مواطنين أمريكيين من الحكومة والأمر يصل للكونجرسHackers get data of American citizens from the government and it is up to Congress

In a statement, said CBP is customs the company of travel that violated the security protocols and Privacy-mandatory, by transfer of data to its own network, didn’t tell anyone inside the bank for the amount of data that has been obtained or the number of American citizens who have fallen in the autumn, the agency said it had alerted Congress and said it’s “closely monitoring” the company’s business travel that to make sure the scale of the disaster.

He said the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection it is not monitoring any of the information on the internet the hidden network or on the public internet even now, underscores the need for a common problem in database security: it’s seems completely safe, but at the same impact has the loop is the weakest in the series, namely that the company leaves the data at risk and the persistence that raises concerns about the planned facial recognition in airports, in response, pledged that officials have the right of access to the image data, but it may take a long time to reach a settlement on an extensive library of images sensitive.

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