How has the camera of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

After been shown the new smartphones Apple a asked a reasonable question, whether received camera the flagship models of the iPhone some serious improvements compared to its predecessors? Yes and no. Let’s deal.

At first glance, the new camera device looks and on paper is virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone’s camera X. If you look at the specifications on the official Apple website, you’ll find that the products used the same camera 12 MP with wide angle and telephoto and with a comparable aperture. However, is very significant:

  • In the main sensor, wide angle lens now uses a pixel size of 1.4 µm. This innovation will allow to improve sensitivity and ultimately to more accurately convey the depth of the color in the pictures.
  • iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max got a new image processor (SIP), which now works with the Neural system of the Engine. This ligament is responsible for detecting the face and its contours, the white balance setting and autofocus, as well as the segmentation of the received image, and other parameters.
  • There is a new Smart HDR that uses all capabilities of new sensors, SIP, and algorithms for obtaining high-quality images with extended color range.
  • There have been improvements in portrait mode. Debuted option “Depth” that allows to adjust the degree of blur of the image after shooting.
  • When recording video at up to 30 frames/s, can now be applied to the profile with expanded color range. And the sound is recorded in stereo format.

The assurances of Apple, thanks to these changes, the camera in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max was out of reach for many smartphones level.

And are you happy with the camera on your device? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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