How has the performance of a new MacBook Pro after upgrading

Last update macOS High Sierra, designed to eliminate the problem of performance of new MacBook Pro, is the best coped with their task, confirmed to MacWorld. Reporters have tested top laptop Apple installed the update and was more than happy with its performance.

The test results revealed that the MacBook Pro on the chip Core i9 after the update processing video in Adobe Premiere for 8 minutes faster than before, and 18 — 2017 than the MacBook Pro with Core i7 on Board. This is a significant increase in speed, for which many are willing to change even from the laptop to the new one.

Performance MacBook Pro 2018

Blogger Dave Lee, first mentioned the existence of trottling new MacBook Pro, confirmed the correction of the problem. According to him, updated the laptop started working much better, providing incredible performance when performing tasks which update could be a brake because of the reset clock frequency.

John Poole, the Creator of the benchmark Geekbench, tested the updated MacBook Pro and came to the conclusion that the update improves the stability of the laptop, not allowing him to experience overheating and to artificially reduce performance. However, no net increase performance, unfortunately, is out of the question.

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