How has the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in 2016

In 2016 a large part of the market for cryptocurrencies has been divided among the ten largest exchanges. Two years later, the situation has changed dramatically — eight out of ten trading venues have closed or retreated lower on the list in terms of trading volume, and their place was taken by the new company. This writes

How to choose an exchange to trade crypt

In August 2016, the first place in the ranking of cripture in trading volume occupied exchanger Through the platform per day was carried out the transaction at $ 440 million. Now the company occupies 188 place in the list with a trading volume of 17 thousand dollars.

The second was the platform Btctrade. Now the platform is on the 54th place in the list, and the trading volume has decreased from 218 to 23 million dollars. Of all platforms, leading in 2016, in the top 10 there were only two — Huobi and Kraken.

  1. (188 now). Today: Bitmex
  2. Btctrade (54). Today: Okex
  3. Huobi (fourth now). Today: Binance
  4. CHBTC (she’s dead now). Today: Huobi
  5. BTCC (38). Today: Bitfinex
  6. Poloniex (29th). Today: Upbit
  7. BTC100 (now she’s dead). Today: Bithumb
  8. Btcbox (25). Today: Hitbtc
  9. ItBit (39). Today: GDAX
  10. Kraken. Today: Kraken

As notes the edition, in August 2016 for the 10 largest exchanges were recorded trades worth more than a billion dollars per day. Today the figure is 10.6 billion dollars. It will be interesting to see how many of the top exchanges in 2018 will stand in two years.

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