How is it so good? iPhone XR took the lead in sales

Despite the belated release, the iPhone XR was the most popular iPhone model in the fourth quarter of 2018, estimated by analysts of consulting company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Its sales amounted to 39% of the total iPhone sales in the USA. These data coincide with the report, Tim cook said that iPhone XR remained the top selling smartphone every week since its release in retail stores.

The reason why consumers chose the iPhone XR, is obvious, analysts. When you comparable with more advanced models features and capabilities subfragment 25% cheaper than the basic iPhone XS. In addition, only the iPhone can boast XR version of 128 GB, which is absent in the older machines and which has proved to be the most sold of all regardless of the country of sale.

Why buy iPhone XR

A similar situation is observed in Russia. The Russians responded positively to the appearance of the iPhone XR to local retail and buy it more often than the iPhone XS and XS Max, to the report of the Director of strategic planning and analysis of the United company of Coherent | Euronetwork Sergei Belozerov. However, in the Russian market in December-January subfragment feel not as good as in the US: the us smartphone sales was only the second, losing first place the iPhone 7.

The most popular iPhone in Russia

“The new iPhone from year to year are amongst the most advanced and high-tech gadgets that are on the market and are in high demand [ … ] — said Belozerov. — If to speak about iPhone XR, whose sales in Russia started in the end of October 2018, the demand for these devices at the start of pre-orders and sales were at the same level as the iPhone 8/8 Plus at the start of sales in 2017.

As for the current situation in December-January, customers of the combined company of Coherent | Euronetwork often buy iPhone 7, iPhone and iPhone X. XR sales of iPhone 7 is 15.3% of all iPhone sold during this time period, 14% of the total sales volume in units necessary for a new iPhone XR, which is becoming more popular, and another 12.4% for the flagship 2017 – iPhone X”.

Why iPhone so expensive

Lower iPhone sales XR in Russia compared to the iPhone 7 due to the unstable exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar and, consequently, high prices. From the first of January of 2019 retail prices for branded Apple products in the country has grown even more due to the introduction of new VAT rates, which increased from 18% to 20%. How will this affect future sales of “Apple” electronics, time will tell.

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