How is the iPhone “SE 2”?

16-inch MacBook Pro, a few weeks before was considered a myth and phantom, suddenly came to light. The world is not, of course, shocked. Humanity didn’t lose sleep. But, albeit on a much smaller scale, something like this happened. To evaluate this event and its implications takes time, but one effect is already obvious. Because of the striking coincidence, the predictions of the Taiwanese IT-Oracle began to treat much more serious.

Have not forgotten this old man?

The legend of iPhone SE 2 an ancient legend about the allegedly upcoming MacBook Pro keyboard, which will not need to fear. Between these legends have much in common, talking about one of them usually recalled another. And neither one of them could not resist the facts, not leaving from crystal castles are built by Amateurs even ruins. Apple, as we imagine it, couldn’t let this MacBook Pro, at least in 2019. Apple sample 2016 was not able to produce iPhone SE. By the way, and in fact could not, he was a talented improvisation – because of problems with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus on the Apple warehouses have accumulated illiquid deposits of chips Apple A9. For cancellation would have to spend a lot of money, in addition to what is already spent on their production, transportation and storage. iPhone SE was the original release of non-original situation, and that’s all.

Operation “the heir”

The fact that the successor of iPhone SE will be announced at the end of March 2020 speaks not only known IT-the Oracle of Ming Chi-Kuo. This is reported by Nikkei, Taiwanese Economic Daily News, Bloomberg, they speak about absolutely different devices. But none of these media (Nikkei – is a huge media Corporation, which includes dozens of different media) failed to predict the 16 MacBook Pro and the upcoming versions we’ll talk some other time. If any of these versions will be closer to reality than the logical construction of the Ming Chi-Kuo is based on information from a variety of sources. Today we restrict ourselves to the version.

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What we call the “SE 2” almost certainly will be called something else. Apple usually refers to the names of its products very seriously, and it may well be that the final decision is still pending. With this decision, you have to hurry: in early January, several factories in South-East Asia (not only in mainland China or Taiwan) will begin mass production of components for SE2 and their Assembly. That is, the development SE 2 completed, the project entered the phase of training and start of production. Sales of the device will begin in late March 2020. And the event in March will probably be dedicated to SE 2, the new iPad Pro (about it too there is something very interesting) and something else. SE 2 will be produced in versions with 64 and 128 Gigabytes flash memory, the first one will cost $ 399. The same cost for iPhone SE with minimal configuration in March 2016.

It will be something similar to iPhone 8, Touch ID and an LCD display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches (10.2 cm). Face ID is excluded. It’s too expensive for the device for $ 399, and users who buy such devices (the reactionaries) Face ID is not popular. No 3D Touch, what in our days would not even speak, as 3D Touch in mobile devices from Apple had already died and instead uses Haptic Touch, his surrogate replacement. 3D Touch difficult to reconcile with Apple Pencil (and what does Apple Pencil have to do with iPhone? Is this worth the wait?). Antenna 2 in the SE will be unique from LCP (liquid crystal polymer). To LCP include, for example, Kevlar and Vectran. It is lightweight, durable, inert and refractory material with unique electrochemical properties. LCP antenna is designed and manufactured for SE 2 companies Career Technologies and Murata Manufacturing. So without innovation will not do.

By the way, the price iPhone SE 2, you will be pleasantly surprised

Externally, the SE 2 will be similar to the iPhone 8. Inside the case will accommodate Apple A13, 3 GB RAM, Apple U1 and other modern stuff. For the device for $ 399, even this is too much. And SE 2 will be released in three colors – Silver (silver), Space Gray (space gray or gunmetal – choose to taste) and Red (red). As always, a certain percentage from the sales of red products will go to the fight against AIDS in Africa. I wonder how many this miracle will cost in Russia?

How to decipher SE

One of the early iPhone concepts SE 2. Designed in the style of iPhone 4

Officially, the SE stands for “Special Edition”. When Phil Schiller was asked to decipher the abbreviation, he replied without hesitation, and trusted him. In fact, the creators of the device have invested in these letters different meaning: “Steve Edition”. They refused to participate in the creation of a “big” iPhones, realizing the need for them, but in my heart remained faithful to the “magic formula” confirmed Steve. It is unknown what it would have been if not for these fanatics, but “the most powerful 4-inch smartphone in the world” was a small miracle, and the volume of its sales has surpassed all expectations. There is no accurate data, but according to serious experts in 2016, they had sold 30 to 40 million units. Tim cook did not believe in any serious success of this idea and was against it – he was persuaded, not without difficulty. These 30-40 million (and he knew the exact numbers) surprised him.

By September 2018, the stocks of Apple A9 dried up, and iPhone SE sent “in the valley of the shadow” without having appointed his successor. According to the beliefs of the management of Apple, the main advantage of SE was its low price – and its role, with the same success could do to iPhones of past years, which is still sold. Users back iPhone SE to the company for various reasons – in January-February, 2019 to eliminate their stocks even had to spend a few sales. In response to all the questions about SE 2, representatives of companies answered “it will not.” The company rules forbid them to speak the truth. That is, what can be legally recognized as such. 9 out of 10 that SE 2 is really not. Just the question was asked incorrectly. It can be iPhone XE, Air, Mini are just some of the variants occurring in the network.

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