How is the “shop note” stationery market is?

After she graduated in 2012 from the University of Taif did not wait for the congratulations to Abdulrahman much even launched e-store Knott’s in 2013, which provides stationery and school in different forms whether it is notebooks, pens, a notepad, breaks, targeted two areas of stationery which did not grow after the internet in that period.

Did not wait for the congratulations of the job and decided to make their way towards your work, as you told us:”one of the reasons that pushed me to launch the note is there is no chance of a job,” was the challenge that awaits them is the lack of sufficient information about the domain that you intend to enter, while allocating to the side away from the field of business management.

Was her information in order to develop their skills and invested a whole year of her time reading on the internet about the experiences of electronic stores. “I taught myself again.”

When you search for A activity that you intend to enter the selected stationery because it’s a new area and have a highly competitive, too far away from repetition, “I saw a lot of stores at the beginning of the boom-up Saudi Arabia specialized in fashion”. Decoder implementation is very high and difficult to enter into it individually.

Then after that armed themselves with sufficient information decided to go into business first by launching a copy of the project on the website Tumblr”Tumblr” in February of 2013 and its credit the saving of the bonus side started congratulations, funded her store with 4000 thousand Saudi riyals, and as the beginning has been to convert most of the budget to the item import products only, where no other expenses with having a work platform, free, and continued on the platform Tumblr for 7 months. ’Was a test period enough’

Search for guidance

Her congratulations were anxious from the first days of the launch of its project on the search for Arshad to develop their work, providing the idea to the University of Prince Norah, and through the support center and Business Development, who ever they embrace the stationery store so it was hard to embrace the project in the same activity, were refused their request.

Then, during the submission to follow at ArabNet 2013 within the contest of startups, met with officials in the incubator and applied to embrace and reject it, and then returned in 2014 to once again, refusal was present for the second time, in 2015 fortune smiled when you started a business incubator in Taif, where the width of the bus by myself.. congratulations on the re-evaluation and join the projects incubated by them.

And congratulations to the development of the work of the store by building on the observations after all the process refused to embrace, “they would give me grounds for refusal” and congratulations:”there was a business developer contacted me even to explain the reasons for rejection of the project in the iPad, and that’s what made me change form profit most of the time”.

During the incubation period the current has become a project accountant to specialize in accounting in addition to the meetings that are with the business developer is responsible for note the development of the project and follow the progress of its work week.

How they have contributed to selling the work of designers?

Says the App Store thanks to inside Saudi Arabia only, “deliver the products to Saudi Arabia only”, despite the fact that the store receive requests from outside Saudi Arabia and the gulf in particular, however, due to problems with shipping and payment method didn’t allow that currently.

The store began selling ten products only, while today it exceeded 100 products varied between notebooks, pens, Walnut, spacers, and it was thanks to the cooperation with the Egyptians, the Saudis, and it says Congratulations: “when the store began to note was dependent on two lines, the import of products stationery and also rely on designers Saudis to sell their products”

In the beginning there was no intention to introduce products to the cart only to “the market needs Arab identity in the field of our own” this prompted congratulations and look for designers to showcase their products on the App Store, which paid more than the designers demand from Noto.

Products in NOTO fall within the three classifications of the Department of local products, and the section is imported, and the other for the Egyptians, the Saudis, and began in this line of the house at the end of 2014, most of the designers who have been collaborating with them didn’t have a background on online selling and want to platform that connects them directly with customers, some of whom already use the site Instagram as a platform to sell.

“We’re saving them the cost of establishing the store and its sales management and all that instead”. Store note even now with 30 local designers and sold their products and marketing.

Was note the way enabled some of the designers of the house independently after the experiences of the successful sale of the note, “some designers there to open his own shop”.

The store covers its costs

When we talk about the stationery market in Saudi Arabia, we mean the sale of office supplies and stationery that are active throughout the year, especially with the beginning of the season of study, which is one of the most important sectors in major companies such as Jarir Marketing, and when you take a glance on the shops digital store offers shop ideas the competent Department of the stationery, and there’s a store calendar , but Store note differs from them in the business model, “do not offer the same products, do not offer the same service”

Work congratulations is currently the director of products “Product manager” in a company offering business services for governmental agencies, “I was looking for a new challenge gained new skills”. To free up itself from some of the routine tasks of daily hired responsible for marketing, also the “help me choose in some of the logistics in relation to shipping and other”

Enjoy the congratulations of the department store “the store covers the costs of full and screaming to himself,” and manage our time tell us, “in the evening after the end of official working hours, I responded to the email follow-up note.”


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