How it contributed to the celebration in the growth of technology companies?

Days before the European Union fined Google the largest fine in the history of technology companies at the point of friction where it reached $ 5 billion. Before months also fined Qualcomm million for the same reasons and are also retained. But why resort to giant companies like Qualcomm and Google to do the exercise illegal? And how to benefit the needs of these giants. How can you accuse the Android open source as a tool to celebrate.

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Dominating Google is currently almost 90% of search engine market world, while going to Qualcomm on the lion’s share in the development of processors or the so-called system on chip SoC with a share of 42% followed by a distant Apple with a share of 20%, then media costs 14% (statistics for the third quarter of 2017) this gives the two companies the Big Apple. Often, if a company wants to offer a phone with a powerful processor choice is Qualcomm because Apple won’t sell it to her therapist as well as Huawei’s “high silicone” will be the option to either Qualcomm or MediaTek and of course Qualcomm ideal option without thinking. It becomes much clearer in a search engine; what option in front of you? It’s Google but the points and thinking, why if the companies say these practices are illegal, although they without us will become stronger?

The story of the past

There is a great way to answer any question which is to look beyond the current landscape the current position is considered considered a minor very you’re here, you analyze the results and include them, but we want to get together to question is how did we get here? The solution is to leave the present and admire the past and see how and why companies have become so powerful a tyrant. Let us discuss here our two companies Google and ko you.

Qualcomm and the destruction of the rival indirectly

Chen Qualcomm is currently a counter attack on Apple, which had accused her of extortion in the famous case we’ve talked about several times previously, the European Union began looking into the background of the case and found that it is already Qualcomm is much more sophisticated than its competitors, asked investigators why this thinking? And they began to search for his background. it was a surprise that among the reasons (the reasons not the only reason, of course) that there are illegal practices where Qualcomm You pay something like a “bribe” to companies for use of their technology and the competitors which gives them special discounts compared to ensure the continued purchase of them for years. With this monopoly of Qualcomm, these devices already included a torrent of money coming to them, which destroys.

To simplify it; Qualcomm convince Apple to buy a SIM from them for 3 years to come; and Samsung and Sony and others. Here two things; first that the product photo your Kuala assume that Intel spends billions of dollars in research and development of partner contacts, but surprising that all the companies buy from Qualcomm. The result heavy losses, Intel; after the year and begin to reduce the amounts spent on the development of the segments to contact and thus lag behind Intel in this area. Quite a contrast in Qualcomm they include pre-orders in the billions so you can stop the research because it ensured the house prior to development and manufacturing. Any find a party here, someone doesn’t find a buyer Vega research centers or reduce spending and the other within the venture assured. And consistently that way for years to create beautiful and kwak.

Google and the monopoly customers

Google launched Android after almost a year of iOS and started to provide his people; got android on the popular understanding of the it took Google this is where I decided that although the system is open source, Any can any one hand adjustment, but the companies have to one thing which Google services; not the right of companies to remove the search engine or Google Mail application the vam and its various services. And if you do, any company that it must change its name and become Android just as did Amazon on its system of “fair” and these devices store programs Google. If the user wants to download software store Google you re what it company like Google services “google services” any test re-Google the device. Any that the bottom line is that he is entitled so as to do what you want, provided that we get the customer data.

Access Google data, more than 2 million people and their knowledge of what surfs and goes and eats and even read mail messages own become Google have huge data and accurate information about you and therefore the search engine has become its own most powerful as well as own competitive advantage in the field of advertising, they know better than the competitors, who cares about this kind of advertising. Thus ruled Google on any occasion possible:

Other forms for Android: add Google services and applications that they were forced to use certain things and restrict creativity.

Companies search engines: know the user the best of you and therefore provide results for the best of you.

Advertising companies: also we know the user the best of you and thus when one knows the WE HAVE THE we can offer no better results from you.

In this way the control of Google completely on several markets and it became impossible to its competitor because of the competitor who owns the data a quarter of the population of the globe?

To talk to the rest of the

We know that there are questions that you may some question which is “what’s the harm?” It is the logic of the quality we’re getting on the processors and slices great connectivity from Qualcomm as well as the We Android. We didn’t learn the damage of this occupation. This question will only be explained to illustrate the error in this way of thinking. As well as we will discuss later the role of government and the head of the European Union can really stop the giant companies like Qualcomm, Google, and others? Wait for our next article.

What do you think about the concept of respect in the technical and I did Google Loco Your with their competitors? And what do you think about the application of fines on companies?


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