How it will affect stores in the city, “Levitt town” America in the future of the”supermarket” in the world?

وول مارت - كيف سيؤثر متجر في مدينة "ليفيت تاون" الأمريكية في مُستقبل الـ"سوبر ماركت" في العالم؟

Launches a chain of stores US retail giant, “Wal-Mart – Walmart”, the month the first a living laboratory in the world to develop the use of techniques of artificial intelligence in the management and operation of grocery stores and retail outlets inside of one of the branches of chain stores in the suburb “Levitt town-Levittown” New York American.

Launched the “Wal-Mart” on the pilot project named “Kepler -Kepler”, which is labeled which includes a laboratory project that applies now as well as the team, which includes scientists and data engineers in the field of artificial intelligence are working to develop the use of those modern techniques in the renewal of management experience up fully.

Will be able to team work based on the project of installation techniques to test modern under development in this store and experience effectively in the work environment physically in the store frequented by customers throughout the day. Includes techniques and test received information about the use of cameras, sensors and processing of data through a system for intelligent artificial can identify the cargo that a boat was on the force and his staff responsible for refilling, as well as identify the products that were placed in the wrong places, or those that the customers change their places by mistake, in addition to the calculation of the number of shopping carts available at the entrance of the store and workers at the low number.

Supply passages which are a row of goods within the store, like, 100 of a digital camera sensor for each lane of the eight lanes on the App Store.

The development team has “Wal-Mart” also on the development of the accounting system and pay for purchases without the need of a “cash register” will be his experience in the store of the future, so that the store automatically through sensors on the goods that the customer purchased will be deducted automatically, which is a concept similar to what you say the “Amazon” Experience, is currently in stores and Amazon Go.

Among the techniques that works on the development team Kepler also stickers electronic download product items and their prices can be controlled and changed remotely, as well as various other mechanisms for accounting and support including the use of mobile phone in the payment of the value of the purchases inside stores.

Find here the reference to the benefit of the launch of this lab is not only limited to the introduction of new techniques that are being used in stores, “Wal-Mart”, but extends to the possibility of selling the rights to use those techniques to other stores, the paving of the revolution of technology has changed totally from the way we deal with the grocery stores and retail everywhere.


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