How it works to protect the fact students across the feature Face ID on the phones Evo

As we return, we the management of Facebook via the app by WhatsApp to add many of the professional nurses between now and then, including what user was in their favor.
The water came last, which works to protect reality application students running across the feature Face ID and the Touch ID with the latest editions of the app for iPhone that are compatible with this feature.

Become you can to protect that privacy and to enable one of access to the content of your conversations but through the imprint of the face that will not exceed one swan.

Working conditions this feature that is available on phone iPhone calls the feature Face ID with the need to have the system updated to the latest version of Kiev there are no problems to hinder the operation of this feature.

Setting Features Safety new, guide to the application WhatsApp from there click on Settings, then account, including to privacy and go to the lock screen life from there.
Activate the option to use Touch ID or Face ID.

Number of actually issuing the account that supports this feature protects the figure 2.19.20

Phones that support fingerprint, facial

the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

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