How long it takes hackers to crack your Bitcoin wallet to steal bitcoin?

Don’t you think we have too much in my life trust simple passwords, and in recent years, and private keys that protect our wallets with cryptocurrencies? If the attacker find yourself holding your private key, consider that you gave him your bitcoins. Think how much time it will take to capture your password or the private key from a wallet?

How long does it take to find private key Bitcoin wallet?

Let me remind you, private key or private key, in cryptography outside of Cryptoprotected is a 256-digit number that can be represented as 64-digit hexadecimal key.

Not so long ago on the website of the Better Buys has launched a new service through which you can test the complexity of your password. What if to enter a private key and find out how long it will take hackers for the selection “password” from all your bitcoins?

Source: Better Buys

Infinity! Indeed, we learn on the website only that hack your private key by simple selection impossible. However, let’s skip the celebration.

What about led-phrase to restore the wallet?

Who of us knows the private keys from their wallets? Some wallets don’t even call themselves private keys, instead they give led-phrase with which it is possible to recover the wallet in case of an emergency. As a rule, led-phrases consist of 12-16 wordsthat users are prompted to record on paper and store in a safe place.

And again, when testing randomly generated key for an empty wallet service gave the magic word “Infinity”.

Okay, but is there any more specific numbers?

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Of course, we all (actually, no) recorded the seeds on a piece of paper, put it in a safe or in a Bank cell and sitting pretty, confident in the security of our bitcoins. However, we should always remember that to crack the wallet and with the other hand. For example, almost all of us have the wallets installed on the computer or smartphone. And to open them to succeed with a very simple password, and sometimes a fingerprint. In turn, the hardware of cryptocurrency wallets in most cases protected by a 4 digit PIN code. And how much time it will take to steal your bitcoins?

Bad news. The selection 4-digit PIN code is required no more than 5 milliseconds. However, this is assuming if you have in stock there are an infinite number of attempts to sample another combination of numbers. By the way, the service Better Buys even allows you to go back in time, to assess the technical capabilities to crack at that point in time. For example, in 1992, breaking the PIN-code would take a little more — about 3.5 minutes. Here only hope is the fact that this defense mechanism has included a limitation on the number of attempts.

As for the password, then a string of 7 random numbers you can pick up for half a millisecond. By the way, if you add to this line, at least one letter, the term hacking is immediately increased to 5 hours. Well and further on the rise. If you use a password of 12 random letters, then its breaking will take 2 centuries, even with the most modern technology.

Another method of increasing password complexity is to use a combination of large and small letters, numbers, and special characters.

A simple example: password guessing Password is 1/5 of a millisecond. At the same time, the program for password guessing will take 14 years to guess the password for ‘[email protected]’. Source: Better Buys

The most important thing to take from this article: despite the relative invulnerability of the private keys and LEDs-password Bitcoin wallets, the weakest link in their defense is you. Even the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey could not be an exception to this rule.

What are the passwords to protect their accounts and wallets do you use? Share them in our cryptodata millionaires.

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