How many billions have earned miners of Bitcoin in 2018? Unexpected figure

Last year the fall of the stock market “knocked” many traders out of the rut, however, this did not affect the popularity of cripture. According to analysts Diar, the volume of transactions on trading platforms in 2018 was “record”. It turns out that users are more often translated at exchange your money than in 2017.

But 2019 may not be as good — most likely for the next 12 months trading activity fall below the level of 2017. The number of trading pairs will increase significantly. However, the growing popularity of altcoins can create even more pressure on the price of Bitcoin.

All trade in Bitcoin

Compared with 2017 the trading volume on the main crypto currency exchange the US Coinbase has grown by 21 percent. During the same period of time Kraken and Bitfinex showed even more impressive growth rate of 192 percent and 50 percent, respectively. In addition to trading volume, Coinbase also increased the number of transactions. The increase was 14.1 percent.

Analysts also estimate that in 2018 the Bitcoin miners have managed to earn a total of $ 5.8 billion. In terms of time frames, this amount is distributed irregularly. In January ASIC mining BTC has brought $ 1.2 billion, and in December, income dropped to $ 210 million.

Among mining pools, there has been a trend towards decentralization Hasrat Bitcoin. In the beginning of 2018 Bitmain together with ViaBTC controlled nearly 53 percent of the capacity of the network of cryptocurrency. Today, their share dropped to 39 percent.

Source: Bitcoinist

Experts point out that this is a positive trend, which increases the resistance Bitcoin a variety of attacks. According to the Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee, the fact that the constant threat of attack 51 indicates a lack of centralization in the network of Bitcoin.

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