How many bitcoins need to buy to get 1 percent of the richest BTC investors?

If you ever realise that I had to buy more bitcoins to the growth rate, then this article is just for you. According to the analyst Group BlockWorks, each of us will be enough for only 0.28 BTCto be 1 percent of the richest in the world of hontarov largest cryptocurrency.

Only a quarter of bitcoin to become a rich man

Last week the price of BTC again exceeded 10 thousand dollars, despite the potential risk of another onset of a bear. Here it should be noted that only 2 percent of all Bitcoin addresses is stored more than 1 BTC. Of course, this statistic can not be objective, as many people hold cryptocurrency on different addresses and wallets. However, the actual number of people with whole bitcoins do relatively small – somewhere between 500 thousand to one million person.

Bitcoin exchange rate in 2020. Source: CoinMarketCap

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However, if you have not managed to assemble one whole bitcoin, you should not get upset. How did you find BlockWorks Group analyst Jake Levison, to be considered rich by the standards of the cryptocurrency industry, it is sufficient to have a balance of at least 0.28 BTC.

Bullish post of Levison, of course, stirred the cryptocurrency community. But he raised some important questions. For example, how you could come to that conclusion? One of the subscribers, the analyst pointed to a blog post Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital, under the name of “Bitcoin Obsoletes All Money” [“Bitcoin will make all money obsolete” — editor’s note].

He presented a timetable according to which you can just about imagine what will happen to the market in 2030 – that’s when in his opinion Bitcoin will Eclipse the other currencies of the world. In addition, while the average savings will be 0.001 BTC, and cryptocurrencies will be a major billion users. Here you can also note that now the number of Bitcoin addresses with a sum of 0.1 BTC is actively growing.

However, according to Levison, if you have 0.28 BTC, then the enrichment process is already happening. From this moment until the end of time.

All I wanted to say is if you have 0.28 of bitcoin, only one percent of humanity will ever possess a greater treasure than you. So you automatically enter the first cryptocurrency percent of the rich.

Buying cryptocurrency. Source: 2Биткоина

Of course, it can be in no way associated with bullish attitude. It all depends on how you yourself feel about it. Later the discussion was joined by another party under the name BTC Kris and expressed his opinion. He believes, "only no more than 5-10 million people can ever own a full bitcoin".

This naturally implies an unfair distribution of wealth, because the lion’s share of whales, hadlari, government and large financial institutions.

However, if you want to know that you are in the first percent of cryptologia, then your savings must exceed 0.28 BTC. It is worth noting, at this point it’s just 2710 dollars. And if you want to finally get to a full BTC, then proceed to the accumulation should be right now. Because later might be too late.

By the way, according Bitinfocharts, more than one bitcoin today is at 2.7% of hontarov.

The distribution of bitcoins by addresses. Source: Bitinfocharts

The output of Levison sounds interesting, but we suggest not to focus on it. To invest in Bitcoin to get as much as you can afford. And more importantly — how much you are willing to lose. All the same in this industry enough hackers and other enemies, so to lose coins easily. And forget passwords too.

We also recommend you to decide in advance how you will invest and what rate plan to leave. This need for “sobriety” behaviour, because usually during bullrun all become greedy in the end and don’t sell coins and lose money.

The simplest and most effective strategy of investment — the purchase of coins for a certain amount on a schedule. So we will not have the so-called effect of FOMO or the fear of missed opportunities, when on the background of growth rate of person wants to spend for investments almost all the money.

Finally: make it all worth it only if you believe in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Just hope for quick earnings dangerous to wait here bullrun years. But if faith is lacking, then you need to fill with knowledge. To do this, follow the industry, read our educational materials and appreciate coins for their ability, not speculative background.

The current rate of coins is in the class ranking cryptocurrencies, and in our cryptodata rich you will find a lot of other useful information.

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