How many cryptocurrency startups die after ICO? Response researchers

A new study of Boston school of management shows that the survival rate of the cryptocurrency start-UPS after the holding of the ICO is only 44 percent. The research work Professor Leonard Kostovetsky and Hugo Benedetti. They examined more than 4,000 ICO, which in total have collected $ 12 billion in the period from January 2017 to March 2018.

The study showed that the initial cost of the coins is greatly undervalued. The reason for this may be the immaturity of the market ICO. The average income from the coins during the storage period of 16 days is 179 percent. The average amount received as a result of the ICO, according to the study, is $ 11.5 million. However, only 48 percent of the studied startups could boast of attracted capital.

Among the remaining 52 percent were scammers, startups that failed to attract the necessary capital, and startups whose tokens did not exist in reality.

The key to success – Twitter

The study made clear that a huge role in the success of the ICO is on Twitter. It turned out that absolutely all the ICO, which had Twitter accounts, failed. On the contrary, the more actively was conducted the activities of the social network after the holding of the ICO, the more successful was the company. Managed to calculate that the survival rate for such companies was 44.2% for the 120-day period.

Hopefully in the future the result will be improved. Choose the correct ICO and good climb will help the participants of our cryptodata. Go you!

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