How many millions of dollars laundered criminals using cryptocurrency? The response of journalists

More than 46 kryptomere around the world involved in the laundering of $ 88 million over the past two years. To such conclusion experts of the Wall Street Journal after examining the transactions over 2,500 purses that were involved in criminal cases. This writes the CCN.

The scope of fraud to the crypt

One of the largest recipients of criminal money was exchange ShapeShift, for two years service handled more than 9 out of 88 million dollars. To smooth suspicions of financial regulators and ordinary investors, the management of the project announced stricter KYC rules, which takes effect the first of October.

WSJ has also provided evidence from experts in the field of cybersecurity. It turns out, criminals often trade their inventory on Monero cryptocurrency. The coin is very popular in the criminal world because of its anonymity, while Monero is very often used for covert mining.

Further investigation led to the virus WannaCry and mass hacking attacks in South Korea. After hacking several government portals, the attackers managed to “earn” millions of dollars, which were then laundered through ShapeShift.

The suspects were also the creators of ICO, which received $ 2 million from defrauded investors. After a Scam of the money settled on KuCoin, and about 517 000 dollars was laundered through ShapeShift.

Journalists gave all the necessary information to the representatives of the exchanger, to enable them to ban the addresses of the wallets of the suspects. The adviser ShapeShift Veronica McGregor has promised to revise the rules of KYC and AML for compliance with all necessary standards.

But CEO Erik Voorhees has expressed doubts about the accuracy of the data journalists of the WSJ. In his opinion, banks are using every day to launder more than $ 2.7 billion. Given such a scale of cryptocurrency are not used in criminal activities.


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