How many scamera earned the crypt for four months. Answers “Kaspersky Lab”

The number of virus attacks to a hidden mining last year rose one and a half times in comparison with the year 2016, stated in the March report of “Kaspersky Lab”. The number of such cases increased from 1.9 million to 2.7 million.

Now analysts have estimated that in the second quarter of 2018 cybercriminals earned $ 2.3 million on the Scam with cryptocurrency. This writes Coindesk.

How hackers are stealing cryptocurrency

In the report “Spam and phishing”, the company writes that recorded almost 60 thousand of user clicks on malicious links that they received in social networks or by email. Another common method of theft of funds and fraudulent ICO, the company said.

The constant growth in the number of attacks reflects the fact that more and more people use electronic and digital money. However, not all sufficiently knowledgeable about the risks than facilitate the task of the scams that try to steal sensitive information through phishing.

Most of the attacks, analysts have recorded in South America and Asia. However, only Brazil had 15.51% of thefts of money and personal data of the users through a Scam. In second place Georgia (14.44 percent), followed by Kyrgyzstan (13.6 percent) and Russia (13.27 percent).

Let’s hope that in the near future the level of digital enlightenment will grow, and the crooks can’t steal money of users by using such simple techniques. The coins were still worth a lot of effort.

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