How many smartphones do you own?

It is interesting to know the number of smartphones owned by our readers. If earlier the use of only one phone was the norm, today more and more people prefer multiple devices. It can be conventional push-button phones to make calls and smartphones Galaxy Note for more advanced tasks. It can be the phones on different operating systems, just because someone is annoying to constantly use one.

I can cite the example yourself. I am currently the owner of two devices: ZUK Z2 and the iPhone 6, so I had to use one get bored and have to switch to another. ZUK Z2 is technically still relevant, but the iPhone 6 there are questions concerning the speed of its work, and the various idiotic decisions iOS.

For example, to access Twitter, you need to wait 15-20 seconds, and in order to Twitter to open YouTube videos, you must click on the video itself, then you will be thrown to the built-in Twitter browser, then you need to open the same page in Safari, swapnote down to the top there is a banner with a button to launch the YouTube app. Then you need to wait 15 seconds until YouTube and only a minute later to begin viewing the video. “Why? You can watch in the embedded browser in Twitter,” you say, but the problem is quality. Standard player iOS is not friends with HD quality.

In this regard, not long ago, I finally decided to change for a ZUK. iOS 12 was noticeably better than the 11th version, but too slow on older devices and similar situations where you need to make millions of action, nuisance.

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