How many will have to pay for Facebook without advertising?

11-14 dollars a month would have to pay the users for using the Facebook social network without advertising, estimated by TechCrunch. The transition of the service to a subscription model is one of the possible directions of its development after the scandal with the leak of personal data.

“Today, we do not offer a way to opt out of viewing ads for a fee, says mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social network. — Overall, I think it was the right decision, because not everyone can afford to pay real money for access to social networks.”

Advertising is one of the main items of income of Facebook, therefore, the rejection of its placement can swipe’s long-established model of monetization of social networks. Even with the huge audience Facebook of the compensation fee can be daunting for many users.

The idea of turning Facebook into a subscription model of distribution arose as a result of the diversion of a vast array of user data. Cambridge Analytica managed to seize personal information about 90 million users of the social network, which were subsequently used to manipulate public opinion.

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