How much Apple paid the Russians for a broken iPhone

Not a month goes by that the Western media didn’t write about that another enterprising group of Americans went to court with the claim about recognition Apple guilty on any issue demanding compensation. If we so, I think many of those who read such materials. But, I must admit, in court defending their rights, there is nothing supernatural, and proved that users from Russia, who was able to sue Apple, a little less than a million rubles.

For the period from January 2018 to February 2019 Apple has paid to Russian citizens applying to the court, 660 thousand rubles as compensation for damage to their iPhone. These data are presented on the official website of “Courts of General jurisdiction in the city of Moscow”. According to published information, for the year vessels in full was granted on 8 claims in the amount of 450 thousand rubles, and another 3 claim has received a partial satisfaction in the amount of 212 thousand rubles.

Which iPhone broke often

The reason for the appeal of the Russians for protection of their rights in the court was broken smartphones brand iPhone. In most cases, the subject of dispute was the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, which were out of order even before the expiration of the manufacturer’s service life equal to five years. The Complainants had noted the statement of claim that their vehicles had stopped charging, to turn on and just work. The true cause of the failures revealed in the course of commodity expertise.

Refused to repair the mobile — go to court

As shown by expert studies, in all cases manufacturing defects. In other words, the consumers were sold defective vehicles that should have been stopped by quality control Department. But worst of all, many of the plaintiffs whose rights were restored by the court, has approached Apple with the legal requirement to eliminate the defect or to return the money and received from representatives of the company poorly reasoned refusal.

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