How much is an Gram tokens from Pavel Durov?

The Russian research Agency Aton recently published a detailed analysis of one of the most anticipated projects of kryptonyte. Telegram Open Network on the ear of investors for a couple of years, however, up to date information about the latest development of Pavel Durov had to collect literally bit by bit. So, the main question on the agenda — as the market will value tokens Gram and how much they can earn in the long run?

Pricing TON

According to analysts, initially in circulation will be issued about 5 billion tokens Gram. The inflation rate is recorded at around 2 percent, that is, the number of tokens will be doubled in 35 years. Here’s a chart for clarity.

Source: Aton

In addition, 200 million Gram will leave to the needs of developers, another 500 million will be reserved as incentive for the development of the ecosystem. In relation to the General circulation, these numbers will be 10 and 4 percent, respectively.

Source: Aton

Since tokens are not yet traded on the public exchanges to determine their price based on supply and demand is very difficult. Experts Aton it is known that during the second round of private fundraising 1 Gram was estimated at 1.33 per dollar. Soon selling tokens will be available to ordinary investors. Analysts suggest that during the public rounds of price Gram will be in the range from 2 to 8 dollars.

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British exchange Exchange Xena already has a couple of trading futures XGRAM date, which expires in February 2020 at a price of 5.90 USD per token. While XGRAM is trading in the range of from 1.8 to 2.4 per dollar. Recall that the start of licensee for ordinary investors will be held on July 10 at the exchange Liquid. The idea previously seems doubtful.

Under the hood TON?

The publication Aton components of the project was decomposed into several parts:

  • TON Storage:technology for storing files using smartcontract;
  • TON Proxy:anonymizer for users. Thanks to him, users will be able to initiate connections to the VPN. In wallpapere mentioned that Ton thanks to Proxy creators want to protect your project from censorship;
  • TON Services:a platform for decentralized applications from third party developers;
  • TON DNSis a service that facilitates users access to decentralized platforms “with ease the usual Internet”;
  • TON Payments:service support offscan payments within the network;
  • TON Virtual Machine:one of the main processing components smartcontract project.

When to wait for release?

In the fall of 2018, it became known that TON ready by about 70 percent. In April 2019, the creators of the project provided access to beta TON a closed group of developers. In may, the company released a test client for Telegram Open Network.

Source: Aton

In any case, the exact date of the official release of the project will depend on the duration of the test. No one can guarantee that in the final version of TON generally will not be bugs. In the meantime, for updates of the situation stay in our cryptodata of hontarov.


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